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Buyer Beware

We continue to warn our clients that if things sound too good to be true, they probably are!  Anytime there is an offer to pay an interest rate that is substantially higher than what a current 5 year GIC is paying, there has to be a “risk premium” that you need to be willing to… Read more »

Get More For Your Money

The following is courtesy Empire Life. As investors become more concerned about managing risk in their portfolios and protecting their principal – segregated funds, with their guarantees and unique estate planning features, are more in demand. Empire Life segregated funds can give you the growth potential of investment funds with the security of insurance guarantees. What is… Read more »

The Syrian Effect

The following commentary is courtesy of Cardinal Capital Management Inc., the sub-advisor for the VPI Canadian Equity Pool and the VPI Canadian Income Pool. The opinions, market outlook, and asset allocation strategies are those used in the design of the mutual funds they manage that we utilize in client portfolios. Syria continues to be embroiled… Read more »

A Costly Matter!

Courtesy Worldsource Financial Management If you are about to become a parent you will soon learn what other parents already know – that children are expensive! And, as is the case with boomerang kids, sometimes they are an expense that comes back. However, the expenses associated with our children are an expense that we can… Read more »

Of Tantrum & Policy

Courtesy Worldsource Financial Management Over the past few years, we have adopted many new words and phrases, introduced to us by policy makers, economists and the media including, “European Debt Crisis”, “Debt Ceiling”, “Fiscal Cliff”, “Sequester”, and finally “Tapering”. These are all economic and political events that have served to shape and constrain the landscape… Read more »