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Canadian Regional Housing Outlook: Trading Spaces

TD Economics Derek Burleton, Vice President and Deputy Chief Economist Diana Petramala, Economist Highlights • Overall Canadian housing market conditions are expected to remain stable over the next few years.  However, there have been some major changes to the regional story in light of the plunge in crude oil prices and interest rates. • Commodity driven… Read more »

Low Oil Prices to Benefit Numerous Industries Worldwide says Moody

Low oil prices are certainly going to affect the large oil producers and many of the companies that service the oil industry.  However, there is a positive light for other industries with reducing oil prices.  Moody’s looks at the affect on industries that will benefit from a reduction in oil prices For the complete article… Read more »

The Year Ahead 2015

The following is courtesy TD Asset Management and is posted with permission. Bruce Cooper, Chief Investment Officer, TD Asset Management Inc. After a period of relative calm in financial markets, volatility returned in 2014, bookending the year and reminding investors that investing is not always a smooth journey. While many are hoping this volatility was just an… Read more »

Asia, Looking to 2015 and Beyond

Perspectives on Asia December 2014 by Robert Horrocks, PhD Over the next decade, I expect Asia’s economies to continue to raise living standards and to narrow the income gap between its own citizens and those in the U.S. or Europe. Why do I think this? Asia continues to have a high savings rate. A country… Read more »

Betting on Red

QV UPDATE Weekly Commentary | November 7, 2014 Vanessa Rohl, BComm | Wendy Booker-Urban, BA If I were a betting person, I’d put all my chips on “Mr.  Johnny Hockey” and the Calgary Flames. Yes, you read that correctly. The team has finally secured a talent that has significantly upped the ante. My forecast for the… Read more »