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Matthews Asia Perspective: Brexit

Matthews Asia Perspective: Brexit

The recent announcement affirming the U.K.’s vote to exit the European Union has many ramifications—many of which affect millions of people in a negative way. Some refer to Friday’s announcement as a Black Swan event. Regardless of how the event is characterized , the fact is that the exact implications are largely unknown, the potential for a […]


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Highlights of the EU Referendum Results:

The UK voted 51.9% in favour to leave the EU, with 72.2% voter turnout.
Scotland and Northern Ireland voted strongly favour of remaining as part of the EU (62% and 55.8% respectively). England and Wales voted to leave by a relatively narrow margin. Voter turnout in these four nations was strongest in England (73%), […]

Dynamic Portfolio Manager Brexit Commentaires

Reprinted with permission from Dynamic Funds

In what is described as a historic and generational event, the U.K. has voted to leave the European Union. It becomes the first major country to decide to leave the bloc. As the geopolitical and economic impacts unfold, global financial markets have already reacted. Our portfolio managers provide their initial assessment.

Oscar Belaiche

This was […]

UK European Union Referendum

BMO Market Update – The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the Portfolio Manager, and Mr. Serge G Pepin, and do not necessarily reflect those of BMO Investments Inc

The upcoming UK referendum on staying in or leaving the European Union after 43 years of membership has the full attention of the financial markets this week. Ten-year gild and bund […]

VPI Canadian Equity Newsletter (May 2016)

Please click on the link below that will take you to the VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter for May 2016.

VPI Canadian Equity Newsletter (My 2016)

·    What You Own –  TD Bank – TD Bank is a dominant bank

·    What You Don’t Own – LendingClub – A perceived threat to traditional banking

·    Dividends Are Growing, Share Price Should […]