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VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

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VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter – July

What You Own –  RBC – One of the world’s most profitable businesses

What You Don’t Own – Deutsche Bank – Not a bank you should own

CIBC – Grew earnings 37% over past 5 years and it could get a lot better

–     Opportunity to continue increasing the loan book

–     Opportunity […]

“Why won’t Canadians pay for investment advice?…quoted from Rob Carrick’s article in the Globe and Mail

Rob Carrick – The Globe and Mail, Published July 14, 2016
Link Reprinted with Permission

I thought our readers may find this article from the Globe and Mail interesting….

It’s time for Canadians to get over their hang-ups about paying for financial advice.Where my fellow personal finance writers and I went wrong was in hammering away at the cost differential between funds and […]

VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

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VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter June 2016

What You Own–  Suncor Energy – A great long-term business
What You Don’t Own– Kinross – Still not a good long-term business
Bank Earning Update– $8 billion in earnings and attractive valuations
A Word on Brexit– Seeking opportunities
Absolute Performance
Own the Best, Leave […]

No Rate Change, Brexit, and OSFI Tightening

Newsletter provided by Hein Moes, Mortgage Consultant,  Invis                                                                                                   Reprinted with permission

Bank […]

VPI Foreign Equity Pool Newsletter

The VPI Foreign Equity Pool: Don’t own the index, own this pool.

More focused
Better value
Higher dividend yield
Better Results

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Foreign Equity Pool Newsletter