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Spring 2013

The Perspective Newsletter from Worldsource Financial Management Inc. 

Soap operas can trace their ancestry back to the 1930’s, when the manufacturers of soap products such as Proctor & Gamble first produced affairs of love and drama for the radio. By the early 1950’s, soap operas transitioned to television, and daytime TV changed forever. Propelled by captivating story lines, compelling characters, conflict, […]

The Tax Man Cometh

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty unveiled the federal budget yesterday.

Our friends at Renaissance Investments offer a nice succinct explanation about what the new federal budget means for investors.

Click here to read more about it.

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Retirement Income – You Need To Plan

From Kathryn Boothby – Postmedia News

Whether a RRIF is opened at 60 or 71, the most important aspect is structuring a portfolio correctly prior to conversion, says Robin Muir, a certified financial planner and managing partner of Hatch & Muir LLP in Victoria.

After years spent paying into a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), investors eventually have to use the funds […]

Severance, Early Retirement, Voluntary Departure – What Next?

In today’s economic environment, severance and early retirement programs are becoming commonplace. Whether you are employed in either the private or public sector, it seems that no one is safe from downsizing, or becoming “redundant,” as companies and provincial governments struggle to meet the demands for profitability and budget constraints.

If you are offered a termination incentive or severance package, what […]

Protect Your Family – Not Your Lender

Mortgage Insurance

Protect your home and your family – not the lender

Most lending institutions offer you insurance when you apply for a mortgage, personal loan, or line of credit.

This type of insurance is most commonly known as “mortgage insurance.”

Mortgage insurance is actually group term insurance that is used to pay off a large debt in the event of a group […]