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Interview with Vito Maida, Portfolio Manager VPI Foreign Equity Pool

Summer 2017 update VPI Foreign Equity Pool

“Falling prices are the friend of long-term investors.  If people don’t feel uncomfortable then I’m probably not doing my job.”

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VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

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VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter – May 2017

What You Own – Canadian Utilities – The longest track record of annual dividend increases of any Canadian publicly traded company.  With $5 billion in expected future investment from 2017 to 2019 in natural gas and electricity distribution and transmission, we expect that track record to […]

VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

What You Own – Novo Nordisk – A leader in the rapidly growing diabetes care market

What You Don’t Own – Goldcorp – People purchase gold companies. Investors do not.

A Durable Business – Union Pacific – When the operating environment changes, a durable business can focus on the most profitable opportunities

Absolute Performance – Our investment approach is a repeatable process […]

U.S. Election Update

Newsletter provided by TD Asset Management                                                        Reprinted with permission

Donald turns up trumps: U.S. election update

Last night, one of the more colourful U.S. presidential election campaign seasons in recent memory came to a […]

VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter

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VPI Canadian Equity Pool Newsletter – July

What You Own –  RBC – One of the world’s most profitable businesses

What You Don’t Own – Deutsche Bank – Not a bank you should own

CIBC – Grew earnings 37% over past 5 years and it could get a lot better

–     Opportunity to continue increasing the loan book

–     Opportunity […]

Breaking up is hard to do: Brexit Update

TD Asset Management – Current Perspectives

A year ago, it seemed likely that debt-ridden Greece would be the first country to exit
the 28-country European Union (EU). However, that distinction now looks likely to go
to the United Kingdom (UK). In the British leave/remain referendum held on June 23rd,
voters decided that Britain should leave the EU, marking the beginning of what is being
referred […]

UK Referendum Vote – VPI Portfolio Manager insights

David Atkins, Portfolio Manager, Value Partners Investments

On June 23, the UK voted in a referendum to either leave or remain in the European Union (EU) and is commonly referred to as ‘Brexit’.  The leave surprisingly won by 52% to 48%.  The European Union has been striving for free trade and freedom of movement for decades; however, Britain’s actions are obviously […]

Matthews Asia Perspective: Brexit

Matthews Asia Perspective: Brexit

The recent announcement affirming the U.K.’s vote to exit the European Union has many ramifications—many of which affect millions of people in a negative way. Some refer to Friday’s announcement as a Black Swan event. Regardless of how the event is characterized , the fact is that the exact implications are largely unknown, the potential for a […]


TD Economics

Highlights of the EU Referendum Results:

The UK voted 51.9% in favour to leave the EU, with 72.2% voter turnout.
Scotland and Northern Ireland voted strongly favour of remaining as part of the EU (62% and 55.8% respectively). England and Wales voted to leave by a relatively narrow margin. Voter turnout in these four nations was strongest in England (73%), […]

VPI Canadian Equity Newsletter (May 2016)

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VPI Canadian Equity Newsletter (My 2016)

·    What You Own –  TD Bank – TD Bank is a dominant bank

·    What You Don’t Own – LendingClub – A perceived threat to traditional banking

·    Dividends Are Growing, Share Price Should […]